Titanium Water Chillers
TI-CHAF 1 1/2HP to 80HP
TI-CHAM 1/5HP to 1HP
TI-CHAD 1/5HP to 1/2HP Drop-in.
TI-CHWF 1HP to 5HP Water Cooled.

Titanium Heat Pumps
UTCH Heat Pump 1 1/2HP to 20HP
UTCH Chiller-Heater

Titanium Heat Exchangers
TI-HXU 7 1/2,10, 15,20.30,35,40,60 and 80HP
TI-HXF 1 1/2HP to 7 1/2HP
TI-HXM 1/5 to 1HP

Live Seafood Holding Systems
Cabinet Style
Staninless Steel Style
Fiberglass Style