Cabinet Style Seafood Systems

The New Ocean ® display systems are equally at home in restaurant, seafood market or lab settings. Available in a wide variety of laminate* finishes we can "custom" manufacture the cabinet to match your décor.

Casters provide mobility for ease of installation and allow for system relocation as your needs dictate.

At the core of the display system is the titanium chiller. Titanium will never corrode or leach toxic chemicals into the water that could endanger marine life.

Chilling takes place in the fiberglass-lined reservoir. The water is re-circulated through a venturi to the display tank. The venturi draws air into the water which together with the filter provides the optimum environment for the marine life in your tank.

Biological and mechanical filtration takes place in the under-slung filter tank with a flow regulating valve that drains into the fiberglass reservoir below. The flow regulating valve causes water to drain through the stack pipe in the display tank that skims foam and debris from the water surface keeping your display clearly beautiful.

*Follow this link to select a Wilsonart® laminate pattern and color.


NO-2L  4' live system w/ metal laminated cabinet

  • Acrylic tanks are cell cast, high density, stretch resistant, providing eight times the strength of glass.
  • Double pane acrylic to prevent condensation.
  • Titanium heat exchangers.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • New Oean® designed system has integrated skimming feature to keep water clear.
  • New Ocean® display systems are equally at home in a restaurant, seafood market or lab setting. available in a wide variety of finishes, we can custom manufacture your cabinet to match your decor.



Cabinet Style Tank Specifications 1
Model # Size Capacity in US Gallons 3 Electrical Requirements
2' x 4' x 4'-2"H
120 volts, 9.4 amps
2' x 6' x 4'-2"H
120 volts, 10.7 amps
NO-3LT (2)
2' x 6' x 4'-2"H
120 volts, 16.8 amps
2' x 8' x 4'-2"H
120 volts, 10.7 amps
NO-4LT (2)
2' x 8' x 4'-2"H
120 volts, 16.8 amps
  1. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  2. "T" denotes a twin system. Two systems in one divided cabinet.
  3. Capacity includes the water in the display tank and approximately 12" of water in the reservoir.


Tank Specifications
Stack Pipe Skims foam and debris from the surface of the water, drains from display tank to reservoir "D".
Filter Tank Houses mechanical and biological filter elements.
Throttle Valve Balances flow through stack pipe "A" and filter tank "B". Directs water onto cooling coil "E".
Reservoir Tank Fiberglass lined tank that keeps water in contact with cooling coil "E".
Cooling Coil Titanium cooling coil, that cools water through direct contact.
Shut Off Valve Shuts off water supply to circulation pump "G" for maintenance or repair.
Circulation Pump Magnetic drive pump with plastic components suitable for salt water use.
Drain Spigot Couples to garden hose for tank drainage. Use circulation pump "G" for power drain.
Condensing Unit Refrigeration unit and controller provide thermostat regulated cooling.
Venturi Inlet Supplies aerated water to display tank.
Access Port Provides access to throttle valve "C".
Vented Covers Provides easy access to equipment as well as necessary ventilation for condensing unit "I".
Optional Divider Perforated divider allows for product segregation with minimal flow restriction.