Universal Marine Industries

Incorporated as Inter-Ocean Enterprises

Since 1984, Universal Marine Industries has built a worldwide reputation as the leader in commercial and scientific Marine Holding and Display Systems. Our dedication to quality and innovation, coupled with our unparalleled experience in designing systems of all sizes, make us the logical choice for your project.

UMI pioneered the manufacture of cost efficient titanium chillers and heat pumps to provide environmental water temperature control for the aquatic market. After thousands of installations around the world, we are flattered that this technology has become the accepted industry standard.

Our knowledgeable, expert staff will work with you from project concept to completion. We are known for communication and follow-through with our customers. Contact us about setting up a new project or upgrading your present system. It would be a pleasure to do business with you.

We are building a world class business by continuously improving ourselves, our services and our products in order to exceed customer's expectations.


* Respect the individual

* Embody teamwork and empowerment

* Value Integrity


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